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Cosytoes for Bugaboo and MacLaren Techno XT

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Charney · 09/10/2009 10:26


I have a cameleon and, as part of the package, got a black foot muff. Now it is lovely and quilty but I am now feeling in the need for a bit of colour!

I am also getting a MacLaren Techno XT so need something to fit them both.

I was thinking of a buggysnuggle (love the red one with sheep but don't know if I can justify it!) so was wondering should I sell the bugaboo one or keep it because it is better quality than the buggysnuggle?

Also, if I keep the cameleon one, will it look odd on the MacLaren (will it even fit)?

Thanks in advance

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pippel · 10/10/2009 19:12

I love my buggysnuggles, I saw that red one on ebay recently.

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