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How important is weight?

rainbowzebra05 · 02/02/2022 20:38

3rd baby, but I feel like I've forgotten this stuff! Still in the first trimester so I've loads of time to decide though!

We had a play with pushchairs in mamas and papas and DH was taken aback by the weight of them. He's adamant that lifting them in and out of the boot is going to be a pain.

We have an armadillo for our 3 year old at the moment and it's been fab, so I'm tempted to stick with the same idea and go with either a flip XT2 or an Ocarro. We had an oyster 2 for him, and I absolutely hated it. It was difficult to steer, the suspension made curbs and cobbles difficult, we had to send it in for replacement twice, and the fold was massive with the seat attached. So it's being replaced for the new baby.

Has anyone had an Ocarro/flip and found the weight of them an issue? We'll need a buggy board as while toddler will be nearly 4 he has additional needs and can't be trusted to walk. I have issues with my joints which is where he's coming from, but I'm also aware that I'd only really be lifting it in and out of the boot. Is it really that big of an issue, or is it worth the weight if it steers well and has the other features we need?

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