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Pram for 14 month old please help

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penguinparty00 · 13/01/2022 22:29

I had the ickle bubba v3
travel system and although the pram was great I was looking for something more compact when folded, lighter and I just wanted a change so I bought the cosatto supa 3 stroller and I hate it I can't take to it at all I find it horrible to push and the position when pushing isn't natural and I find I can't walk properly because the pram trips me up. Does anyone have any recommendations of a stroller for 13 month old ( 4 wheeler) budget max 200 - I was looking at the ickle bubba max discovery but thinking it looks similar design to the cosatto one so maybe not - any help would be so appreciated?

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Katia2511 · 13/01/2022 22:37

I bought the city jogger tour 2 and i love it. It folds small and compact but not as small as the yoyo. And you can also buy a bar separately for it if you want to. It is very comfortable to sleep in too, the foot flap can be lifted.
I still use it for my nearly 3 year old and he still fits in comfortably

penguinparty00 · 13/01/2022 22:39

Thanks so much that actually looks great ! Nice and compact!

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sippedanotherrumandcoke · 14/01/2022 07:48

Babyzen yo-yo is fantastic. I wish I had it earlier...

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