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Joie Prams - What's the Catch?

Wanderlust20 · 04/03/2021 17:44

After searching for weeks for the perfect pram and feeling like my head is going to explode... Today I came across the brand Joie and, honestly, I'm shocked at the features you seem to get for such cheap (in terms of my budget) prams! Am I missing something?

For info, I'm a FTM (baby due June) and I'm looking at the MyTrax, VersaTrax and LiteTrax - I'm aware I might want to buy a separate carrycot although they do advertise as being "from birth". They seem to tick all my boxes and, previous to looking at these, my favourites were bigger brands with eye watering prices. I could afford to pay more for a pram but I'm thinking why would you, if this brand appears to offer everything that fancier prams do? Also, a few friends have warned me against paying a fortune for a pram that I might toss for a cheaper/lighter buggy after 6 months (so I've got my sensible head on Smile).

Thinking they seem to good to be true, what are your experiences with this brand or these particular models?

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