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Joie Chrome vs Nuna Mixx

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Piapea · 22/02/2020 10:05

Hi everyone
I'm hoping someone can help me out with this. I want to get the Nuna Mixx, it has great reviews but is £££! I noticed that the Joie Chrome looks basically the same but is quite a bit cheaper. Does anyone know why?
I'm reluctant to go for a Joie as my friend has the Litetrax (I think) and it has zero suspension, started to squeek the second time she used it and the fabric is a really scratchy canvas. It just seems so uncomfortable for her baby.
If anyone has used any of these pushchairs and wants to weigh in I would really appreciate it :)

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purplemunkey · 22/02/2020 10:12

IMO Joie is a fine brand. I don't need buggies anymore but I had two Joie buggies and they were both great. Good quality, lasted well. I passed them both on to women's groups once I no longer needed them.

I've never really understood the hugely expensive brands, like bugaboo etc. I don't really see what the extra £3-500 gets you.

I live in the suburbs though so I've never really worried about suspension on buggies. Are you going to be on bumpy terrain quite a lot?

purplemunkey · 22/02/2020 10:15

Also, I personally only used my travel system for about 6 months - I then changed to a normal buggy. I found the travel system so cumbersome and was glad to be rid of it! I know others who stuck with their's much longer so that may just be me. My travel system was a Chicco and I wouldn't recommend.

SherryPort18 · 22/02/2020 10:48

I live in an area with plenty of terrain and and can't imagine that a light pushchair without any suspension and small wheels will get me around. I probably will get a light buggy (Silvercross Jet or something similar and cheaper) for trips to the shops when baby is a little older but I really feel that without a pram/system I will be a bit housebound.
I am also looking at the Nuna Mixx and keeping an eye out for a good second hand Cybex Priam.

Piapea · 22/02/2020 16:18

That's exactly how I feel, I'm on the edge of the city with countryside, parks, woods and beaches close by and I would like to think that I can access it. I'm going to look into the Cybex aswell, haven't given that brand much thought so far. If anyone has any other recommendations for a pushchair/travel system with great suspension, please let me know :)

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BopaEli · 28/02/2020 06:50

I’ve got the Nuna Mixx and absolutely love it! It’s got lots of little features that make it stand out for me so I think that the cost is well worth it. I think the materials are of a higher quality than the ones used in the Joie. My DS is 5 weeks at the moment, so I haven’t used the buggy attachment yet.
The carrycot has got panels on it that you can open to let light through and to let air flow. There’s a ‘dream drape’ which shades the baby and helps protect the baby in windy weather. There’s a pocket at the end of the carrycot which is really handy to keep things like keys or a small purse inside. The fact that everything closes or attaches with a magnet is fab because you haven’t got any zips or poppers to fiddle with and no noisy Velcro!
The chassis opens and closes easily and the wheels are easy to remove to make it fit in the car more easily. Suspension is good. The basket at the bottom has got a zip compartment where we keep the car seat adapters. There’s a divider in the basket which folds down when not needed. I found that when it’s folded down, it’s great for keeping the rain covers in place and so they don’t fall out when you close the pram and don’t go flying about in the wind (I take the covers with me practically everywhere, just in case!).
I didn’t get the pipa car seat but opted for the Cybex Cloud Z instead - it fits on the Mixx adapters even though they don’t mention this.
Even though I haven’t used it yet, the buggy attachment seems great because you can remove the insert to let air flow (no sweaty back in summer) and it’s easy to change the direction the baby is facing. The canopy comes down pretty low on it so it will be good for naps if needed.
I considered the Priam but didn’t think that the difference in price was worth it and didn’t like the feel of the materials as much. If you’ll be using the pram on really rough terrain or on the beach, a good feature of the Priam is that you can change it into a two-wheeler and pull it behind you with the buggy (and baby inside) still attached - I don’t know if you knew about that already.
I didn’t like any of the Bugaboo prams because I found them too fiddly and feel like they look a bit cheap.
I hope to have helped somewhat Smile

UnexpectedItemInTheShaggingAre · 28/02/2020 07:00

They’re made by the same company- there isn’t much in it. The chrome dlx is particularly similar

Unsureursula · 02/03/2020 11:13

I have a bugaboo cameleon and the suspension is excellent! Well worth the investment! We live in London and our pavements are horrendous so the support for my little 4 MO is invaluable! Good luck with whatever you choose!

Piapea · 05/03/2020 19:00

Thanks everyone for your feedback! Does anyone know the Nuna Mixx is stocked? I would love to have a proper look at it but John Lewis is out of stock.

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