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How best to clean a pram?

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AlphaLemon · 03/12/2019 20:27

Hi, we’ve just bought a lovely second hand Egg pram. It looks clean enough, but I’d feel better if I could clean it all myself. Can anyone advise on what’s best to clean the fabric parts with please?

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AlphaLemon · 07/12/2019 21:34

Any help?

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firstimemamma · 07/12/2019 21:40

I take off and put in the washing machine any parts I can.

Bits that can't be removed - wash with hot soapy water.

Sometimes I use a baby wipe on the wheels.

ThreeLittleDuckies · 08/12/2019 07:47

Does any of the fabric come off? Take what you can off and put in washing machine. For the hood on mine it was attached too the rods so couldn't go in the machine, I submerged it with hot soapy water in the bath, gave it a quick scrub used shower head to rinse it off and hung it on an airer above radiator. If there are fabrics that don't come off to go in the machine I'd give it a once over with hot soapy water.

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