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Joie Evalite Duo

Millie2008 · 10/09/2019 16:07

Hi there,
Just after some advice as I'm beginning to drive myself a bit crazy!!
I have a 21 month old DS and am 24 weeks pregnant with my second DS. So...have been researching double pushchairs and for various reasons think I'm going to go for the Joie Evalite Duo. A friend has given me her old Bugaboo bee cocoon to see if it fits to use when the new baby is still small (I think it would worry me putting him straight into the stroller without some extra protection...)
Anyway, the Joie evalite duo advertises itself as being compatible with the Joie I-Gemm car seat - which is great as I definitely want the option of using it as a travel system. However, I'd really like to use a maxi cosi car seat if possible (the pebble probably) - and just wondering if anyone knows if there are adaptors that make this possible? I'm trawling the internet and can't seem to find anything :-( Despite the Joie website saying that many of their pushchairs are compatible with maxi cosi car seats with the right adaptors... arg...! ANY advice gratefully received :-) Thanks in advance

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