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Any 5ft mums out there using a Mutsy i2, Yoyo or Cybex Eezy Twist?

Colyflower · 13/07/2019 14:30

I’ve finally reached the 20 week mark so I’m now seriously starting to decide on what pushchair/pram to get and getting very overwhelmed, which is a nice problem to have after 6 years of infertility haha!

I think I’ve narrowed it down to the Mutsy i2 and the Babyzen Yoyo. The Cybex Eezy Twist plus (not in the UK until Aug) could be a good compromise between the two so anyone with experience of the Cybex Eezy Twist (non plus) would also be great.

Here are my considerations and initial thoughts:
I’m 5ft 1 so handle bar height is a concern for me - will the Yoyo and Cybex Eezy Twist be an issue for me?
I like the idea of the parent facing options which Yoyo doesn’t have but the other 2 do - how important is this and is it just personal preference? Is it a deal breaker?
I love how compact the Yoyo is but the handle bar issue and non parent facing are a concern. Plus it doesn’t look like you can hang a nappy bag on the Yoyo or the Cybex. How much of a concern are these really?

The Mutsy i2 looks great, looks sleek, sturdy and well designed has adjustable handle bars and parent facing and doesn’t look too bulky -will it still be quite big to handle for a tiny person like me or is it quite compact and easy to use? I like nipping around quite quickly so not sure I’d like the idea of being weighed down by a cumbersome pram.

My only issue with the Cybex Eezy Twist is the handle bar height which is slightly higher than the Yoyo so it’s quite frustrating that the only issue I have with this pram is my height, if it wasn’t for that I’d probably be buying the Cybex.

I also live in suburbia so will be getting on trains, buses and going places in the car to go on country walks or excursions (not off-roading). I’m after a pram/pushchair suitable for all of these, am I asking too much? I probably am, I just didn’t want to have to buy 2 but if needs be I could, so I could get the i2 for everyday use and then Yoyo or Cybex for town/London and travelling abroad maybe?

It’s so hard to know what I may need or may not need from a pushchair/pram before baby is born which is why your opinions are so valuable, any advice or opinions welcome please.

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PeachPotato · 18/07/2019 22:12

I can’t comment on the handle height but you can definitely hang a bag on the cybex, it just goes a bit lower (my bag is a babymel one)

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