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How do you clean a secondhand pushchair?

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Katiem1234 · 17/05/2019 21:19

Those who have purchased secondhand pushchairs, what is the best way to clean them?
Ours seems to be in good condition but would like to give it a good clean regardless.

OP posts:
justforthisnow · 17/05/2019 21:21

Ive stripped all material off them and machine washed that, then used Milton solution on body of buggy.
Most buggies can be stripped of their fabric covers.

BikeRunSki · 17/05/2019 21:24

Depending on the model, there are quite often videos on YouTube showing you how to take the covers off to put them in the washing machine.

DulcieRay · 17/05/2019 21:26

Washing machine what's able
Wipe down with hot soapy water (mostly the frame)
Vinegar spray on any marks

Katiem1234 · 18/05/2019 10:18

Thank you, I've got the seat cover in the machine now. The hood cover doesn't seem to come off the rods, can I put it in the washing machine with rods/hood frame still on it?

I'll get the frame cleaned with hot soapy water this morning. Thank you!

OP posts:
justforthisnow · 18/05/2019 11:28

I always got hoods off. What buggy is it?

Katiem1234 · 19/05/2019 11:20

Its a silver cross, although I've now hand washed the hood in the bath with warm water and detergent, then used shower head to rinse off any suds. That'll be alright won't it? I washed seat fabrics on a 30 quick wash in the machine. Have I cleaned it adequately?

OP posts:
DulcieRay · 19/05/2019 11:35


I'm sure it's fine! They probably washed it before you got it anyway!

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