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Carrycot vs lie flat car seat, how practical?

Daisy2990 · 13/11/2018 10:16

Does anyone have any experience of the lie flat car seats that sit upright-ish in the car, but can be positioned flat when you take them out of the car?

Would you say that they are suitable as a carrycot replacement i.e. are they safe and protected on the sides?

Can you lie flat when baby is already sitting in it, or do you need to take them out to lie the seat down?

I like having a carrycot for walks and for sleeping downstairs at home. I also need a car seat that clips onto the buggy for quick school drop-offs. Sling is out of the question as I'm having a section and couldn't manage a sling last time.

Just wondered if anyone has any experience of using one of these car seats in this way? Thanks

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