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Joolz Geo vs iCandy Apple2Pear vs iCandy Peach vs Uppababy Vista

vernonioNR1 · 23/02/2015 14:36

Hi All

My wife and I started pram shopping at the weekend, and are probably more confused than before we started... seen a lot but would say the frontrunners are those listed (although thought the silver cross was okay too).
Firstly, any thoughts/opinions/experience of those listed would be good.
Secondly, a few specific questions about some of the features... any help would be massively appreciated!

  1. The Joolz has air-filled tyres, is there any experience out there of how often they puncture, and how easy to fix? We won't be doing too much off-road, but old railway walks/canals etc can be expected.

  2. Some have bumper bars, some don't - are they useful to have? absolutely no idea on this one

  3. Again, when in seats, some have footrests, some don't - are they a useful feature??

  4. We've heard that out of all of them, the Peach is smallest, and thus children grow out of them by about 2 years old!?! again, any experience of that??

  5. Any experience on how easy they are to fold/size of them once folded... again, the Apple2Pear looked quite big in one shop compared to others, but actually on the dimensions, isn't disimilar...

  6. Any other suggestions gratefully recieved!!

    Thanks in advance
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NishyM · 23/02/2015 19:47

Hi, I looked at both Peach and Apple 2 Pear and eventually went for a Peach because of the smaller fold (have you seen it?! It's tiny!) the lady in the shop recommended it because it has foam-tyres so they never burst, and a bumper bar for baby to hold on to. I also had heard about the seat being small, but you can unzip the hood at the back and raise it up so the head isn't rubbing against it, again it's really easy to do. Thoroughly recommend!

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MrsNutella · 01/03/2015 21:16

I had a buggy with air tyres that were a total pain, constantly needing pumping and it was a struggle. I sold it for many reasons but I'll be avoiding air tyres in future.

I have just ordered the Vista. I need something that will function as occasional double. Everything I've read about the Vista is that it does everything it should really well, the two friends I have who have one love it and I really like that everything is included in the box.
I resent paying out for a rain cover when I've already spent £££ on the bloomin buggy.

But that is just my opinion. And I've also needed to convince DH that I neeeeeed the vista. So i m probably a little biased Smile

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Tiggywunkle · 14/03/2015 17:37

I have had all of these - well kind of. I have had the old Vista and the new one is sat here looking at me waiting for the Rumble Seat - but I have had a play with it before purchasing as a double.

I wouldn't worry about the seat sizes on any of these. They are all good sizes. If anything the Peach works out as having one of the biggest seats simply because the hood moves up the chassis as the child grows, whereas with the Geo and Apple2Pear (A2P) the hoods are fixed.

I have had many pushchairs with air tyres. I have slimed them all and I have never had a puncture.

This should help you re fold and seat size for the two iCandy's. The Geo is incredibly neat folded - everything nests together. The A2P folds as a one piece. It seems huge, and it is huge, but it is also handy. It can also be folded in parts or with one seat on, so there are options. The Peach Blossom is lots of pieces, but for some people these are easier to store and handle eg in a smaller car boot.

Bumper bars have never bothered me. In fact I usually take them off as they get in the way when putting an older child in and out of the seat. I personally prefer a leg rest for a little one, however, all of these are bucket seats and do tilt, so it wouldn't put me off either.

The A2P is very light to push. The seats are supportive even without the footrest. The hoods are fixed and a stretchy lycra type fabric. You lose basket space in tandem mode which for me is an issue. However, if you need something like to push, then this would negate the negatives because there is nothing else like it. Lovely to use. Folds as a one piece or in pieces.

The Peach Blossom is one of my favourite tandems - partly because its just beautiful to push and use. It's heavier than the A2P to push but its much more for your money quality wise - this is reflected in the price. Although the basket access is restricted, there is still a fair bit of basket space. I would absolutely have another one. I love the Peach as a single pushchair too - its probably the one that is still a neat single.

The Vista is great in that you get practically everything in the box for two, and you simply need to buy adaptors (only a small sum of money) for a baby and toddler set up, and you can decide if you actually need the rumble seat later. Everything interchanges nicely. I am less sure about the options once the baby reaches 6 months if they fall asleep and they need reclining. I think there is only one configuration where you can get a deep recline (both seats parent facing with the baby underneath) but I will stand corrected. You will be able to get a partial recline with both seats forward facing. The Vista basket is huge and accessible.

The Geo - I have to say the quality is superb and the ease of use is excellent. There's no adaptors or add on parts which is bliss compared to the iCandy's. However, the carrycot needs to be taken on and off without the baby in i.e. you can't get home and take the carrycot off with a sleeping baby in. I am also not sure about the lower seat because it has a 'bent in the middle' seat if that makes sense, and this seat is much smaller than the main seat. So you are unlikely to be able to swap the children around, which is handy as the children get older. You need to buy the side panniers for storage in tandem mode, but the single mode basket is huge.

Push wise, based on what I know...I would suggest that all of these are similar to push. The A2P is the lightest, but I need more experience with the Geo and I need to use the new Vista. The old Vista was fine to push.

My questions would be:
First of all what is your age gap?
Where do you go and what do you do? I would think that all would cope with canal pathways.
What size car boot have you got?
Where will the pushchair be stored and what would suit you, bits or one piece fold even if its large?
Do you need basket space, and if so how much eg just a changing bag and coats, or for shopping, picnics etc.

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