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City mini footmuff - sizing?

ZebraZeebra · 08/09/2014 13:23

Hellfire and damnation!

I've just bought the "official" Babyjogger footmuff and even though the buggy goes up to four years, I've just read the footmuff only goes up to approx. two years.

DS will be 2 at the end of next month. Due DC2 in March so they'll probably have the buggy from next summer, so the footmuff will only really be used by DS through this winter. It's only really for him this time because we go out for hours every single day and I just thought he'd be a little cold on the way home each day and snuggling into his buggy would be nice for him. Obviously it's no issue for DC2 who'll get maybe two winters out of it.

Why don't they just make it as big as the actual buggy? It looks so small. Has anyone got one and using it with their toddler - how do you find the size? DS isn't particularly tall, probably on or a little over average but his feet practically fit on the footrest now.

TIA for any reviews of it :)

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