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Footmuff For Graco Evo Mini?

AmyByTheTrain · 30/01/2014 20:42

Since Graco doesn't make a matching footmuff, can anyone recommend a universal one that works well with the Graco Evo Mini?

So far I'm getting by without and just using a pramsuit, but it's such an ordeal to get DS into and out of that I think I'd like to try a coat and footmuff instead.

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LightTripper · 30/01/2014 21:12

I'm afraid I can't help, but really want to get the GEM so will be very interested in any answers!! How do you find it? (She says, cheekily crowbarring in a question Grin)?

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AmyByTheTrain · 31/01/2014 14:53

So far, I'm very happy with it, but it's early days, as DS is only 12wo, so I've only been using it about 10 weeks. Plus, DS is my first, so I'm new to prams and can't compare it to anything else in real-life use.

My priorities were:

  • Suitable from birth
  • Lightweight, as I'm wimpy of a smaller build
  • Small and agile enough to take on public transport, since I don't have a car
  • Able to be pushed with one hand, since that just seemed like a good idea
  • One-handed fold, also for public transport
  • Basket size and access, also because I don't have a car

    The main other prams I considered were the various Baby Jogger City Minis, the Britax B-Agile, and the Armadillo. I had a terrible time deciding, but ended up getting the Evo Mini as it was a bit cheaper, so I would be out less money if it ended up just being a learning experience to see what suits us best.

    Things I love:
  • It is lightweight and easy to push
  • The giant basket
  • It fits down the aisle of a London bus

    Things I haven't minded compromising on so far:
  • Not having a rear-facing option. DS is fine looking out, and spends most pram-time asleep anyway so far.
  • Smoothness of ride. I'm sure the ride isn't as smooth as it would be with the BJCM3 GT, but DS doesn't seem to mind. We haven't done any off-roading or parks yet, but encounter some pretty poor pavement on a regular basis.

    Things I'm not so thrilled about, but haven't been deal-breakers yet:
  • Not having a window in the hood. It's a slight pain to have to peer around the front to check on DS, but not the end of the world.
  • It's so lightweight that it can feel a bit like it might tip over backward when I have the changing bag hanging from the handle. I've heard people mention something like this with the Maclarens and that you can get buggy weights to put on the front, but haven't felt the need to look into it yet.
  • Not being able to attach a carseat to it. A couple times I have wanted to use the carseat in a cab but the pram at the destination and couldn't do so.
  • I think it's pretty hard to snap/unsnap the raincover behind the front wheel. However, I have no idea how it compares to the raincovers on other prams, since that wasn't something I paid any attention to when shopping. Also, DH thinks it's fine, so maybe it's just me.

    Things I haven't actually tried so far:
  • Taking it on the train and tube, so no stairs or escalator use yet
  • One-handed folding it on public transport. Honestly, I can't imagine myself doing this. Even if the one-handed fold works well, having the baby and changing bag in the other arm on a crowded, moving vehicle sounds tough. I'd probably just get off and wait for the next bus, train, tube, whatever.
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LightTripper · 06/03/2014 00:26

Thanks for the update! Have bought one. Sounds like it should suit me quite well, but looking forward to trying it out.

LT x

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