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Maclaren XLR

binkybonk · 03/08/2013 16:35

Aaahhh ok, I convinced myself I only needed an xlr and that once I bought one all the other prams must go- but now I have it I'm not sure...!! Bought it second hand (beautiful red one!) and it doesn't quite shut and isn't as slick as I'd hoped..!
Boys are 2.5 and 6months and I'm hoping for more..!
I have:
Quinny Buzz- def going it is so big and useless
Quinny zapp- can't decide, the little frame plus car seat combo is great for foreign adventures (we have a lot) but then I hate having baby in the car seat for too long
Phil and teds sport- staying by back door to go on walks with both boys
Maclaren Quest- I was given it by a friend and it's rusty and dodgy brakes etc- going

So basically want someone to say 'yes!! You were right!! Genius move! Xlr will fill all eventualities and you can get rid of the rest'.... Go on...

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LittleMissSnowShine · 03/08/2013 20:10

I loved my XLR but I found my DS got so tall (he is huge for his age!) and he was a chronic foot dragger so after he got to 18 months we needed to change to something else. Had tht not been the case tho I did love XLR - easy to old, versatile, sturdy, easy to get round shops, on/off bus etc.

Good luck!

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