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Graco Duo Sport (twin)

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GrasshopperNchipmunk · 19/09/2012 20:11

Hi Ladies

Does anyone have a Graco Duo Twin, and if so, is it any good?

I have a 2yr old and 6month old, and already have a Mamas and Paps Skate, and a lightweight single buggy, but could do with a twin just for those moments when I want both in a buggy!!

I want something lightweight, and that will fit in the boot of an Audi a3!


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Japple · 20/09/2012 13:34

We have a Beauty for sale right now-listed in the classifieds.Just the one you
Need.But,we are in the States! These Duo Twins are wonderful.Shopping
Baskets,drink holders for You and the babies,Windshields,keys and what-not
holders,canopies...and they collapse Flat.Wish we could help.Jill.

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