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Petite star - zia or zukoo - 3 wheels or 4?

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Barles · 01/08/2012 13:40

I am looking at buying a petite star buggy for travelling with my 6 month old. i have heard that they are good quality, light weight and fully reclining.

They have two obvious (to me!) options:
Petite star zia x 3 (3 wheeler)
Petite star zukoo (4 wheeler)

Has anyone got either of the above and able to give me some feedback?
Does 4 wheels mean more stability?

Any advice is greatly appreciated as i live in Australia where the buggy market is limited and the brand doesn't exist so I can't take an actual proper look.

Thanks in advance!

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peanutMD · 01/08/2012 14:34

no experience of the Zukoo but have used the Zia 3 for a short period.

True lie flar
Good sized seat
Relatively easy and compact fold

Didn't feel solid to me, although I know people who have used only this pushchair from birth - 3
Handles are really low (I'm only 5'3) but there is a zia 3x which has adjustable
Small basket
Can be quite tippy but again there is now a zia 4 wheel

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peanutMD · 01/08/2012 14:36

If you can get a hold of a baby jogger city mini they are fantastic!

One handle which caters for different heights, good storage, big basket and folds with pull of a strap.

Also feels sturdier.

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