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Double buggy and a single?

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emski1972 · 10/07/2012 11:09

Mmm...have spent many hours on this. I have an almost three week old and another of 18 months...careless I know!
So Granny takes 18mth a couple of days a week (while I was working) we had a Bugaboo Cameleon which we used in the parent facing position until fairly recently and changed to a City Jogger which Granny loves but it doesn't allow the baby to sit up properly and the straps are annoying. I need something light and easy to fold so was thinking a Mclaren Techno XLR. We are 6ft and 6ft 5 and need adjustable handles..
I also bought a Nipper 360 Double (ebay bargain) for when we are all out together.
Meanwhile I am using a sling for the bambino but I put him in the jogger and it feels all wrong. I cant see/talk to him. So the dilemma is am I going to end up with three pushchairs?
Sell the jogger. Granny has the Techno. We have a double Nipper and I can borrow a Mothercare spin for the new baby until number one is out of the Mclaren.
Whatcha think?

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