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Micralite Toro or new BJ City Versa

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SilverSixpence · 18/06/2012 12:43

I have a micralite Toro which I used with DS 4 years ago. I did like the pushchair mostly, but had some problems with it

  • one of the big air filled wheels would come off sometimes, usually in the middle of the street which was embarrassing
  • the air filled tyres punctured and needed replacing
  • the wider front wheels would get in the way as its hard to judge when pushing (it's narrower at the back)
  • the basket was useless and can't put anything in it from the back
  • its not rear facing
  • it's awkward (and a bit dangerous) on escalators due to big wheels - i need to be able to get on tube

I'm thinking of getting something new, maybe the Baby Jogger City Versa or Bee but would prefer to use the Micralite carrycot and would like Maxi-Cosi compatibility.

I should mention I also have a Maclaren XT and a Volo Blush. The Volo was secondhand and the XT has been very well used and looks a bit shabby (and was a bargain £85 new).

Do you think I should stick with what I have (and save the money for some weekends away!) or buy myself a shiny new pushchair?
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Tiggywunkle · 18/06/2012 13:28

I find similar issues with the Bee re the wider front wheels. I keep getting stuck or coming to an abrupt halt because I misjudge it! The Bee also has a front loading basket which is annoying because I have to keep diving through my child's legs if forward facing to access it. Great though when parent facing! I find the Bee wheels a bit small and think to be honest. I like it as a nipping from the car into a shop etc pushchair, but I wouldn't use it for walking a lot with. But it may be useful for you on the tube.

The Baby Jogger Versa looks great. The only flaw I can see is that its quite heavy for what it is, but its also long for a single pushchair. But the fold is great - one handed - and neat and its got the huge hood, huge basket, handbrake and good wheels.

Both have maxi cosi compatibility.

I am always one to have a nice new shiny pushchair over a weekend away :) Buy well and you can have your weekend away in 3 years time :)

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