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bugaboo bee+ and micralite toro carry cot

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iloveshortshorts · 08/05/2012 14:31

Just wanted to ask if anyone has used a micralite carry cot on a bugaboo bee+?

and if so would they have any pictures

I bought the bee with the intention of using the cocoon but I just don't think baby would be that comfortable in. I'm due in July and think the bee cocoon would be too hot.

Also where I could buy the carry cot for cheap as I am on a budget now.

What do you think please any advice very much appreciated :)

OP posts:

Browneyesblue · 30/09/2014 18:18

I used an Airflo with the Bee+ :)

It tilts so that the head is slightly raised, which was fine. There is also a bit of bounce, which also wasn't a problem. As the carrycot sat on the adaptors, it was nice and secure.

I was very happy with the set up, DS was really comfortable and he stayed in the carrycot until he was practically touching the ends.


sockgnome · 09/07/2017 12:34

Hi, does anyone know if this trick with the maxi cosi car seat adapters works with the new Micralite airflo carrycot?

A lovely friend has given us their original bugaboo bee + maxi cosi car seat adapters (we've bought a new carseat). I really want a carrycot solution as for an August birthday the footmuff thing just looks too hot and also want to be able to bring the baby inside in carrycot

Many thanks!

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