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Tips for folding phil and Feds vibe?

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moojie · 19/04/2012 21:48

I have a vibe2 and with ds2 just a few days old I have started using it in doubles mode but I'm having trouble folding it!

I can just about manage it in singles mode...with a lot of huffing and puffing!

I know about folding the handle right up and making sure the front wheel is facing out but it still isn't easy. I just cannot do it with the doubles seat on in either front or back position.

I've looked on YouTube for a demo video but not found one.

Where am I going wrong?

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StateofConfusion · 24/04/2012 22:39

i had a vibe, I hope they are the same still so i can help.

the fold mechanism on mine was the black 'flap' style clips on the sides midway down then a red metal safety catch?

if thats the same let me know and ill try and help, i could fold my vibe in seconds after 2yrs of use. theres a knack. Smile

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