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and another double buggy plea for help?

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pingdriver · 24/01/2012 21:08

DD2 is due when DD1 will be 17 months old. Need to swop for a double!

Currently have an icandy apple but was second hand when we had it so no problem in swopping it. may well get second hand again!

What I need...........
something that will fit in an estate car boot with a labrador - ie needs to fold well, fairly compactish and not be stupidly heavy
something that I can steer one handed
needs to be able to cope with toddler and baby - and then a baby and buggy board etc etc - as they grow up
needs to be able to go over fields/parks but nothing particulary mad.

many friends have suggested phil and teds, not that much surprise there! But are they really that good - what else should be look at??????

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Tiggywunkle · 24/01/2012 21:36

Is there a reason you dont want to upgrade your Apple to a Pear? That seems the obvious choice if you want a tandem although later you shouldn't really put a buggy board on the back of an iCandy. Second hand Pear upgrade kits are often on Ebay?
I found my Britax B-Dual was better off road than my P&Ts. It went straight over soft sand on the beach!!

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