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Oyster hood question....

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Nicplus2 · 15/12/2011 22:15

when changing the good on the oyster is the whole frame thing supposed to come off, or do you just zip the hhod off to change it>

I bought a hood off ebay that came with the frame also but i cant see how to take the frame off my existing one Confused

I havethe black/green one which i think may be an olde one does this matter?

I can zip mine off and zip the other one on so not a huge prob, am more curious really lol

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saoirse86 · 17/12/2011 21:28

The easiest way I've found is this...

First undo the poppers and Velcro attaching the hood to the back of the seat.

Then pull the hood forwards as though you're pulling it down over your dc. This just means it's easier to see what you're doing.

Then on either side of the seat unit there's a metal runner thing. The central part is part of the hood section. If you have the hood pulled down then the rod going through the hood is attached to that central part by a joint. You then pull that central metal part straight up out of the runners. It might be a bit stiff. On mine the metal which is part of the hood is all very dark grey, and the metal which is just the runner is black, but it's a very new hood so older ones might just have black metal.

I hope you can work that out.

And I found it a lot easier to put my hood on compared to taking the old one off!

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