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Hartan Racer

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CardyMow · 30/07/2011 12:17

I have a Hartan Racer pram that I bought secondhand from a friend (who hadn't actually used it). It's a 2008 model. I bought a cheap raincover to go on it, but my 6.5 month old toerag has managed to rip 2 huge holes in it. I want a proper raincover made by Hartan for it. But Hartan is a German company, and I can't seem to find any UK stockists.

Is anyone better than me at finding stockists? If anyone could find me a Hartan raincover in the UK, I'd be eternally grateful.

And btw - it's the best, most sturdy, best suspensioned pram I've ever had, in 4 dc, and 20+ prams.

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