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Xplory - need to know what model I have?

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eefs · 25/05/2011 17:06

I just received my supposedly brand new xplory in the post. I bought it off ebay and was told that it was the latest 2010/2011 model but I'm having my doubts. I'm wondering if anyone could take a quick look at theirs to help me confirm?
The item number in the instruction book is 1010000. The date of manufacture is Dec 2009.
The colour is Aqua (I'm guessing from the Stokke website that this is not a 2011 colour, but was it a V3 2010 colour?)
I think, from my browsing of tinternet earlier that the 2010/2011 model is the EVO V3 - am I right? Do I have a V3 or a V2? I guess fromt h date of manufacture it must be a V2 :(
I just hate the aqua colour - can I buy a purple textile set and will it fit onto whatever model it turns out that I have purchased. If it is the older model, can I buy a new textile set from anywhere?

Oh the perils of ebay, I've spent too much money on this to not love it and I just can't warm to the colour and don't know what I need to buy to change it.

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pramsgalore4 · 07/06/2011 17:06

the new model has a fabric bumper bar, a more rounded foot rest and the covers come over the back to cover the whole of the back of the seat, there is also a little peek on the front of the hood, i had a 2009 model i am almost sure aqua is an old colour one of the colours which was on offer when i bought mine, on my model you lowered the foot rest with 2 side levers, the back of the seat was not covered in fabric but had a little fabric pocket, all the levers were white, if you buy the evo seat covers they will not fit, you can buy the new seat unit that will fit on your wheels but it is over £300 sell them, it sounds like its the model before the evo which is the new one

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