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baby jogger city select

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mummysleepy · 06/04/2011 13:48

trying to decide on a double buggy and had some queries about the BJCS

how easy it is to put carseat on and off?
how good is is off road?- I have read its not good on a camber which might limit where we could esaily go with it
how easy is it to get through doors that you have to push or pull open? (in terms of the door being quite far away from you due to the length)

Thanks in advance for the info Smile

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Guildfordnanny · 06/04/2011 16:30

It's as simple as any other travel system to put the car seat on and off. It's absolutely fine with doors - well no worse than the average single except I do worry when there is a child at the front facing out and then I have to make sure they have their feet on the footrest. It can be hard on a camber but it's not stopped me using it yet and every time I get my City Select out I love it more each time especially for it's versatility. I went out yesterday and within an hour had it in three different positions easily so I could feed my baby (at the front) whilst out and my daughter decided she fancied a change on the way back. Its great across gravel and grass. I love it and I think you will struggle at present to find a better tandem.

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