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Help me choose a paint colour

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ceb80 · 04/05/2010 21:26

What used to be our sitting room how now become a multi purpose playroom/office/snug. It's currently painted in F&B Matchstick which I like with the chimney breast in Paint and Paper Library Truffle. I like it but DH wants it to look brighter and more cheerful. Ideally I just want to repaint the chimney breast and change the curtains. There is also a large built in desk going under the stairs so will need to paint that too!
Floor is parquet and room is light as opens onto conservatory.

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ceb80 · 05/05/2010 21:14

No one?

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scurryfunge · 05/05/2010 21:18

f and b arsenic is quite a nice colour and fairly bright

scurryfunge · 05/05/2010 21:24

I quite like the Kevin McCloud selection at Fired Earth too

TuttiFrutti · 05/05/2010 22:31

F&B House White is a nice light cream.

ceb80 · 06/05/2010 16:35

ooh not keen on green! Just had a look at Kevin's paint, really like the blues especially blue ashes but think it might be a bit too purpley.
TuttiFrutti, I love all of F&B neutrals but want something to highlight the chimney breast or failing that to paint the woodwork and alcove thus saving having to repaint the whole room

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tootootired · 06/05/2010 17:31

Actually put a deep, bright colour on the chimney breast and the cream will look lighter and less beige in comparison - say from the middle range and not too muted.

I had that Matchstick colour on kitchen units with mid-hyacinth blue walls (ok, ok it was the 90's) but I think the blue made a good contrast.

Then you could pick up those contrast colours in your curtains/cushions etc.

sallyJayGorce · 06/05/2010 17:32

Are you SamCam? You might wait until tomorrow.

tootootired · 06/05/2010 17:33

she did say she likes blue

vintage · 06/05/2010 17:41

Dulux Trade Brilliant White every time best interior colour in the world IMO

ceb80 · 06/05/2010 20:44

I love blue! Do you think it would work if I used the same colour on the woodwork (fitted desk not skirting boards etc) or do I need to find a third colour?

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tootootired · 06/05/2010 20:52

Would paint desk neutral TBH, maybe leave top as natural wood. Unless you are going for a very "designed" look.

Is your other woodwork plain white?

ceb80 · 06/05/2010 20:58

Desk and shelves will be going under the stairs. Banister and doors are F&B All White.
I'm sooo out of my depth!

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