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new sash windows?

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janek · 02/05/2010 13:29

hello, i was just idly wondering how much it would cost to have new wooden sash windows fitted in my 2 up 2 down victorian house (4 rooms, plus kitchen and bathroom out the back).

wherever you look on the internet it says ring for a quote which obviously means £££ but I was just wondering how many.

OP posts:
Cogitoergosum · 02/05/2010 13:36

I put in new sashes in two bay windows and two single windows last year, can't remember exactly how much is was, but it was in the region of £2000 (off the top of my head!) I didn't get wooden ones, I got them from these people. The windows are brilliant, and to all intents and purposes, look like wood that's been painted white - without ever needing to be repainted. You have the option of having little fiddly bits on the design of the windows to make them look even more like wooden ones (which I chose) sash horns, they're called.


mothermud · 03/05/2010 17:57

My dh's company make wooden sash windows they are happy to give a free, no obligation quotation online.

I just asked him for a rough estimate for your windows, guessing sizes, you're looking at £1500 per window, that's fully finished, fitted and inc VAT. Hth

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