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Temporary contracts and mortgages

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mintyfresh · 28/04/2010 19:55

We've had our offer accepted - yippee!
Just wondering if anyone has had problems getting a mortgage when one of you is on a temporary contract? DH has a permanent contract and is the main breadwinner, mine is a rolling short term contract. I believe some high street lenders are tight about this when it comes to a joint mortgage. We do have a good deposit though.

Anyone got any experience or advice?

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SuperBunny · 30/04/2010 19:25

I just got a mortgage and I am on a temporary contract. For various reasons, I had to do it through my bank but they didn't care that my contract was not permanent. I do not have a partner so my salary is my only income. Good luck.

mintyfresh · 01/05/2010 20:29

Thanks SuperBunny - you give me hope!

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traumaqueen · 01/05/2010 20:37

you put in an offer and had it accepted without checking you could get a mortgage first?

ageing5yearseachyear · 01/05/2010 21:45

we are with nationwide.

my hubby is self employed contractor and is always on a weeks notice.

they were fine with us- would recommend them actually- they have always been brilliant - unlike barclays who were utterly dreadful.

if you make an appt with one of their mortgage advisors in branch they will take you through and either give you an answer there and then or come back to you pretty quickly ( expect the we will come back to you rather than an outwrite yes as it has to be underwritten)

but if you have a good deposit and one of you has permanent contract you should be fine.

hth- best of luck with your move

hf128219 · 01/05/2010 21:46

What % do you consider a good deposit these days?

mintyfresh · 02/05/2010 20:09

Thanks for your replies.
ageing5yearseachyear - thanks for your recommendation. We are just waiting back to hear from broker now so fingers crossed!

We have just over 30% deposit.

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