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single storey extension.... how much?

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thisisyesterday · 26/04/2010 20:49

we had a quote for a single storey extension, approx 5x5m (i can't remmeber exactly, just judging by looking out of window lol) which came in at £20k

just wondering if that's about right, or if I could expect to get it cheaper? any thoughts?

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Ivykaty44 · 26/04/2010 20:50

So 15 foot by fifteen foot?

What will the room be inside and what type of roof?

thisisyesterday · 26/04/2010 21:07

flat roof, plaster finish, electrics.

it's going to be divided to include a small extension to the kitchen, and a study area for dp

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Prinpo · 27/04/2010 11:08

Sounds about right. We had 4 x 9m, including a shower room and it came to just over 40K. If you have space to go bigger then it's worth finding out how much more it costs in reality. Initially we'd opted for 3 x 9 as we had read that you price per m2 but our architect said that adding on an extra few brick courses didn't actually add much to the price. I'm really glad we took his advice as we've ended up with lovely big rooms.

thisisyesterday · 27/04/2010 12:03

thanks, that's useful
that's the biggest we could make it sadly, our back garden is tiny!

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