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want to decorate my hallway but stuck for colour ideas

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benbon · 23/04/2010 20:33

that about sums it up realy..i have pale maple laminate on the floor and beige carpet on stairs.. its kind of pecan-beige-creamy colour at the mo... and its just really boring..

OP posts:
thisisyesterday · 23/04/2010 20:36

i have just decided to paint my entire hallway/stairs/landing pure brilliant white.

sounds crazy, but it's silk, so should wipe clean easy enough. I have green at the moment and i still end up cleaning marks off it so don't think the white will be much different
anyway, i digress!

i have a big colourful stripey runner up the hall from ikea, and some bright pictures on the walls and some photos of the children

i think the white makes it look bigger/cleaner (tis a poky little hallway) but the bright colours cheer it up, and are also easily replaced if i get bored of them

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