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no hot water or heating - sorry if posted in wrong place

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leeanne1407 · 17/04/2010 14:50

im a private tenent and do everything through the estate agent so dont have landlord deatails (stupid i know now relising this)but i dont seem to have any hot water or heating today cant get it to work at all estate agents is shut untill monday and i cant afford a plumber myself any ideas

OP posts:
BariatricObama · 17/04/2010 14:52

does you boiler have an error message at all?

Joolyjoolyjoo · 17/04/2010 14:54

Ck the boiler- it may just need reset

ReformedCharacter · 17/04/2010 14:59

This happened to me on Easter weekend and I had to wait until the Tuesday to report it to my landlord (I'm a HA tenant).

You could try googling if you can see what is wrong with boiler - flame gone out or error message etc.

In my experience with private landlords you wouldn't get a boiler repaired over the weekend even if you could report it today because of the extra charges.

leeanne1407 · 17/04/2010 15:06

i dnt have a boiler (well their might be one in the loft lol totaly clueless) loft is outside my front door n theirs no way i could get up their n leave my 2 year old.

OP posts:
leeanne1407 · 17/04/2010 15:08

their is alot of plumber companys offering no call out charges so i dnt no if that means they will come out and fix it then just bill u for it or indeed just dnt charge to come out but might still charge u for the work but it says on my tennency agreement that any repair work carried out without their permission will not be repaid to myself but surly if ive got no heating and no hotwater with a 2 year old they would have to pay the bill?

OP posts:
ReformedCharacter · 17/04/2010 15:22

Oops, sorry don't know why I assumed you had a boiler.

I really don't think your landlord will pay up if you arrange the repairs yourself.

Can you just wait until Monday? I know it's a pain in the arse, my heating and hot water was off for almost a week last time and the bloody dishwasher broke at the same time.

I would just muddle through if I were you.

seb1 · 17/04/2010 15:30

What type of heating do you have?

leeanne1407 · 17/04/2010 15:36

i think its gas central heating yeah im just going to have to try manage till monday and phone them first thing becuase i cant afford to pay for a plumber let alone then not get the money back from estate agents
think i should do my washings just now as it will prob take about 4 days to dry

OP posts:
seb1 · 17/04/2010 15:41

Do you have a hot water tank in your airing cupboard, if so you may be able to heat water electrically. This is quite common if you have a conventional boiler rather than a combi bolier.

SingleMum01 · 17/04/2010 15:41

maybe you could ask for a reduction in rent for the inconvenience?

seb1 · 17/04/2010 15:44

If you have a combi system if the pressure in the system drops heating and hot water will cut out, boiler can be topped up using connection at bolier. Do you have any neighbours in a similar houses who could help explain type of heating you have.

LynetteScavo · 17/04/2010 15:46

What kind of estate agent is closed on a Saturday? [confused[

Sorry, that was really unhelpful. sheesh at estate agent being closed!

leeanne1407 · 17/04/2010 15:48

i dnt have an airing cuboard or a hot water tank in my house it may well be in the loft i honestly dnt no the only thing ive got in my house heating relate is a little box in my kitchen where i can turn my heatin and cold water on off or put it on auto whatever i want both of these are on ive also reset this didnt make any difference and ive also got a little tempeture stat thing that i usualy have upto 18 ive turned this to 0 and back on again ive now put it up to the max 30 but still not doing anything

OP posts:
Eaglebird · 17/04/2010 19:47

The little box in the kitchen will be your controller.

When your heating / water system is working normally, are you able to turn on a hot tap and get hot water straight away?
If so, I suspect you have a combi boiler, and suspect it is in the loft.

Have a look at your fuse box / consumer unit. The boiler may have its own circuit (unlikely, but worth checking), and maye the fuse has blown or the circuit breaker has tripped.

When your 2 year old is asleep, can you have a look at your loft hatch. Does the loft hatch have a pole thing to open it, and release a loft ladder for you to climb up?
If you can get in the loft, look at the boiler and see if it has any error messages, or maybe the fuse in the plug connected to the boiler has just blown and needs replacing.

If there is a friend or neighbour who could turn on a hot tap while you look at the boiler, listen and watch it to see if it fires up when the hot tap is run.

Do post back with any other info you can, and between us we might be able to suss out what's wrong.

scaryteacher · 17/04/2010 20:49

There should be an emergency number for you to call on the website of the estate agent under the lettings section. I know my letting agent provides a 24 hour service for tenants.

leeanne1407 · 18/04/2010 15:35

ive check estate agents website their is no emergency numbers only got till tomorrow morning to go to now n hopefuly they will get someone out asap

and yes eaglebird when my heating system is working normally i can just turn on my taps or shower and have constant hot water and no their is no laders that come down from the loft i only know this because when engineer was out when i first moved in to install my internet and tv he had to go up their but had to go get his huge ladders from his van (my cellings are really high) and ive got no family or friends near by to help
ive only got till tomorrow so can freeze for another 24hours lol think i will be asking for an out of hours number though just in case

OP posts:
Eaglebird · 19/04/2010 21:43

Did you get sorted leeanne?

lilly153 · 21/04/2010 21:20

yes its all sorted now thank you the man came out and had it fixed within 5 mins im very please

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