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Would you sell up and rent? Need advice!

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biggest · 14/04/2010 20:01

DC2 is due in July (we have a DS age 2.5) and we live in a 2 bed flat. Lovely area - Stoke Newington - but we just don;t have enough space. To cap it all our neighbours downstairs are being arsey about the 'noise' our toddler makes when, erm, toddling .
DH works way out west London so we are thinking about selling this place now while demand is high and moving to SW London/Surrey. We have been looking for a house here (and online in SW London) but with so little on the market we can't find anything anywhere, and are up against people who have sold and have no chain.
So today, after latest arsey email from neighbours, we are seriously considering just doing it. It is starting to get me down and I worry about how to cope with new baby and toddler here as well as be constantly on edge about noise.
Sorry, long post, but would love to hear from anyone who did similar, or knows more about property than me!

OP posts:
stickybeaker · 14/04/2010 20:02

We did it and it was a great decision. Had small 2 bed house. Now renting a lovely 3 bed house in a nicer area.

Released equity to pay off debts. Had 2nd child.

Everyone happy!

goldenpeach · 14/04/2010 20:52

Yes we did it. I wasn't happy at the time but then it proved to be the right thing to do as we moved to Warwickshire and lived there for a year before we had to move further down south to Cambridge. I'm really fed up of renting as it's nearly two years and I want our own place, but if I bought in Warks, we'd have trouble selling as prices have gone down.

Unfortunately not so much here and we are still looking!

biggest · 14/04/2010 21:20

Thanks for your responses.
We are quite cautious about money so happily debt free apart from mortgage. Also really not sure if I want to go back to my job or freelance after mat leave so it seems like we are at a bit of a crossroads - need to make some sort of move but just not finding a property to buy that suits.
Also pretty shocked at estate agent friend in N16 freely admitting that they are overinflating prices hugely at the minute - what recession??!

OP posts:
emsyj · 15/04/2010 09:48

We rented our own house out when we relocated a few years ago - largely because we'd bought at the top of the market and we would have struggled to get back what we paid for it, plus would have taken ages to sell (and we needed to move as I had a new job starting) and house was in an area with high rental demand. You could think about renting your current place out and then moving into rented (which is what we did) and then saving to buy the next property. It worked well for us.

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