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HELP - Advice needed on Hall decor!!

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wickedfairy · 13/04/2010 08:24

Hi everyone,

Looking for some opinions/advice for decorating our hall please! We are going for a stripey stair runner and wooden floor on ground level - the walls will be neutral. One thing I cannot make my mind up on, please can you help?

We have a victorian house and the hall has a dado rail and a picture rail and nice cornicing at the very top. Do we:

  1. Paint the 3 areas on the wall (from top of skirting up to cornicing) the same colour and the ceiling a slightly lighter neautral (so there is some contrast with the nice cornicing which will be painted white, as will the dado/picture rails) OR

  2. paint the two lower levels (skirting up to dado and then dado up to picture rail) the same colour and above the picture rail the same colour as the ceiling?

    Waaa - I cannot decide. Want the hall to look light and calm, which the colours are, but just not sure which look would be best. I also want the hall to look as large as possible (it is fairly big anyway tbh). The colours we are going for are natural taupe 3 for the lower part and natural taupe 4 for the upper Please let me know what you think please!
OP posts:
overmydeadbody · 13/04/2010 08:27

paint it all white

overmydeadbody · 13/04/2010 08:28

ok, ceilings, cornicing, dador rail and skirting white with the walls that natural taupe colour

wickedfairy · 13/04/2010 18:00

Anyone else for an opinion please?? thnkas ;-)

OP posts:
noddyholder · 13/04/2010 18:16

I had similar in my old house and had dulux dusted moss below the dado and space and light paint above in morning light and white ceiling and skirtings It was lovely

fanjolina · 13/04/2010 18:41

Agree with noddy. Slightly warmer colour colour below the dado, then a light colour for rest of wall above.

Tinasan · 13/04/2010 20:55

Hello - are you sure you're not me? . We've not long moved into our Victorian house, about to change the stair carpet for stripey and already have wooden floors in the hall. At the moment, the walls, dado and cornicing are all white, and I'm thinking about changing this as it all looks a leetle bit bland and nothing stands out. On the positive side, it does look bright and opens up the hall. Are you going to put any artwork on the walls? I think I may (eventually) paint the wall under the dado rail a taupe colour and leave the rest white. Please let me know what you decide!

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