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Posistion of a dishwasher query (v.dull)

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eandh · 08/04/2010 16:54

Friend has offered us theri dishwasher, it is only a year old but they have got divorced and both moved into properties with fitted dishwashers.

Measured the space we have (we have a huge spare space that we use for the bins and we fitted a cupboard door on to hide)and the measurements are fine (slightly tight on width as the dishwasher is 60cm wide and we have a width gap of 61cm when we remove the door) however no pipework into this space but it is next to the sink (the washing machine pipes go through a cupboard which is on the other side of the sink then onto space for washing machine) therefore would it be a relatively simple job to extend pipes from under sink to the dishwasher (am sure teh people who lived here before us had a dishwasher) My Dad is a handy man (builder) so would probably be able to do it (or ask a mate to do it for price) but can't get hold of Dad till tomorrow night to see if it is feasible

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BooBooChicken · 08/04/2010 18:02

we did the same in a tight space next to the washing machine and it's fine.

i heart my dishwasher!!

saggarmakersbottomknocker · 08/04/2010 18:07

If your washing machine is connected under the sink you can get a Y connector so as to have two pipes from one so to speak. Shouldn't be a problem.

eandh · 08/04/2010 18:45

fab thanks for the replies, was bring v.dim when I posted as real life best frind (and fellow mumsnetter) husband works in a plumbing centre so she is going to ask him what we need to do (think the sun has had a funny effect on my memory )

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