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anyones other half a plasterer? give me an idea of a fair quote?

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butterscotch · 31/03/2010 17:43

Thanks in advanced! just need to know if this is a fair price!

I need a wall replastering it also needs straightening out/bodge job previous owners on the extension! Apparantly it is 10mm out!

The wall is 238cm height 670cm length but a door in that area as well!!!!!

The quote says:-
To unibond wall ready for plastering
To bond wall with conding ready for plastering
To plaster wall

Is this a fair quote? Our previous house was a new build so never had to have any work done so no idea if this is a fair price?

The price I've been quoted is £368.00!

Thanks again!

OP posts:
MrsVidic · 31/03/2010 19:35

for a full room - 6mx6m including the cieling I pay about £220

msrisotto · 31/03/2010 19:39

I'd like to recommend
You advertise your job, ask for quotes, people respond with messages and quotes and they have profiles where previous clients leave positive/negative/neutral feedback as appropriate! Plus, they don't have to know you're female when you advertise the job. skeptical Awesome site.

butterscotch · 31/03/2010 20:13

Thanks ladies I've advertised on the site you've recommended waiting for quotes back ......

OP posts:
cassell · 31/03/2010 22:31

When I had bathroom plastered recently (4 walls about 35sq m in total with several large holes to fill) it took 2 plasterers a day at £175 each so total of £350. However that was quite cheap for around here (in London) as they were subcontracted by my builder. Plasterers do generally charge quite a bit - when I had a quote for plastering around a fireplace it varied from £300-£1000!! I'd get another quote to compare - btw 10mm out is minor in my book but then I have a house where no wall is straight!

Rollmops · 01/04/2010 10:31

Try , similar to mybuilder but you'll get lot more quotes and faster, (at least in South Oxon that is).

msrisotto · 01/04/2010 12:18

thanks rollmops!

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