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Kitchen wall for racking: tiled or painted?

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merryberry · 29/03/2010 22:17

Hi, I'm having a wall in our kitchen stripped clear of 27 year old cupboards and plan to have racking and suchlike instead put up there, I don't need cupboards.

What kind of wall surface is best, tiles or some kind of paint? Any advice gratefully received.

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HerHonesty · 30/03/2010 08:53

well either, but paint is more flexible. If you put tiles up and shelves over you are pretty much stuck with both. you could tile up to the racks or bottom shelf or whatever.

merryberry · 30/03/2010 12:18

glad to hear you can have either. i'm assuming i will be buying a slightly more wet resitant paint than say a sitting room one.

thank you for chipping in. am currently looking at racking, roll on the refit.

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HerHonesty · 30/03/2010 12:23

will you be having some sort of upstand?

merryberry · 30/03/2010 15:01

Hi again, thanks for your interest

No, we're actually taking one out. We need those few extra inches in the galley shape we have to allow two adults to pass each other in there. Plus the one we have doesn't allow the full range of utensils/storage we actually need. I'm going for:

3 of big magnetic spice racks.
1 long high, high shelf for rarely use stuff
a couple of long rails for dangling utensils and pots off
and hopefully two up the wall racks, 1 for our everyday plates and one for the saucepan lids

i've found everything we need and figure out it fits and is in the right place. i hope

on the appliances/cabinets side and across the top of the galley, i've made more worksurface by building microwave up into a cabinet and increasing wall cabinets (you should see the nonsense currently in place!)

it should be very suitable. i'm just worried the wall would be dire after a year's use if painted. or too inflexible if tiled.

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HerHonesty · 30/03/2010 15:36

by upstand i mean the few inches that sits on your worksurface against the wall, if you hare having granite? agree if you dont have this you might want to tile to protect the wall.

Jacaqueen · 30/03/2010 16:05

Dulux kitchen paint is really robust. You can scrub it with a scourer to remove dirt/grease. Dangling pots and utensils will leave scuff marks but these can be removed with those magic eraser stain remover blocks.

merryberry · 30/03/2010 19:06

oooh, am learning a mile a minute, thank you both.

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