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fences and boundaries

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manitz · 23/03/2010 08:31

does anybody know how you find out which fence is yours? I can't find the deeds and it seems i'll have to pay to get them from land registry. even then it doesn't look like they will be on there. is there another way?

then how do you deal with an absentee landlord (next door) who doesn't maintain his property??? perhaps thats another discussion...

OP posts:
aseriouslyblondemoment · 23/03/2010 10:17

not sure how you'll find out the relevent info without having to pay a fee tbh whether to the land registry or your lender
if next door is in a dangerous state then i would tip off the council
i've done this before regarding a neighbouring property where their garden was so overgrown you could hardly use the footpath
i understand that a letter was sent giving them a time scale to sort it out in before the council would take action...needless to say they tidied it up pronto!

Fizzylemonade · 23/03/2010 10:38

The fee for the title deeds is very small, maybe £6. If the title plan doesn't show any "T"s marking who is responsible then it is usually in the worded part that it may be a party fence where both parties are responsible.

It depends how you want to go about this, you could take control, put your own fence up tight against the other fence so you are not losing any of your land that could potentially become an issue later on.

Therefore you get the fence you like, at the height you like (as long as you do not go above the maximum height allowed) and it is yours.

You can find loads of info at they have a forum for fences, boundaries, trees, rights of way etc.

manitz · 13/04/2010 22:06

thank you both for your comments. After posting this i spoke to land registry and the woman said there were t markers on one set of old plans and sent me a form for them. £12 apparently to get them. Have only just got round to applying for the plans so hopefully will get info soon.

seriously blonde, I'm interested in how you involve the local auth. At what point do they intervene? you said you couldn't get up a path, does that mean it was at the front. I am hoping it is my fence. their garden is split in two with the part nearer the house belonging to the gd floor flat and the back to the upstairs flat.

thanks for hte idea fizzy but our garden is really small and i don't want to be fenced in as such. I'm happy if the fence completely rots to a certain extent. It is waist high and the garden is wild so the tenants can't physically get in so if i force him to mend it he might just mend whats there and then clear the garden so that it starts being used and we'll lose our privacy. if it's his my plan is to take my bamboo out of restrictive pots and let it take root. hopefully a nice green cover to his grim fence. if ours i'll put up a good new one which matches the rest before i plant up the bed.

thansk again will check out garden law too.

OP posts:
Fizzylemonade · 14/04/2010 12:24

There are lots of climbing plants that will hide a fence, I love bamboo for the rustling noise it makes. There are some lovely fences, don't just think B&Q.

There are some beautiful willow hurdles, admittedly they are more expensive but you could have those near your patio area or wherever you sit so it is nice to look at.

A trick I heard on radio 4 was that if your garden is small put a fake gate at the bottom of your garden in your fence so it looks like you have more garden if you were to venture through the gate. Just a thought.

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