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Old garden chair - how to paint it?

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leeloo1 · 20/03/2010 16:48

Hi all, hoping for some advice on what to do with a huge garden chair (one of the perola type ones with trellising/roof etc) that we inherited with the house.

My mum bought some nice paint (woodstain? cuprinol stuff anyway) for me to paint/stain it, but the chair's been there for at least 5 years and its pretty mucky and has bits of old creeper clinging to it/moss etc. Any ideas as to how to clean it and prepare it for painting?

Should I try and take the trellising panels off the side and back to clean them , or is it almost certain they'd never get back on again?

I had a go at scrubbing it with a wire brush and it just scratched it but didn't seem to make it look any cleaner or get rid of the creeper. I also sprayed it with squirty bit of hose, but managed to drench myself and small son, so am inside drying off and don't know how successful that was.

Sorry, long rambly post, but any ideas appreciated!

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