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replacing aluminium windows with repro victorian sashes....

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treacletart · 18/03/2010 21:33

Does anyone know how much would it cost me to rip out the existing aluminium frames and put back some proper sashes in the 2 front bays of a victorian terrace. Any ideas / experience welcome....

OP posts:
AgentProvocateur · 18/03/2010 22:28

We looked into this - we have a Victorian house that's been extended, but in the original part of the house there are nasty, cheap aluminium frames. We got quotes to replace them with normal double glazing, and quotes to replace them with sashes.

I can't remember the exact prices because it was five or so years ago (and we've still not got round to doing anything!) but I do remember that the sash windows were more than double the price.

Our windows are huge though.

I can't remember the company that quoted, but they are in Glasgow and they have a really good reputation.

domesticslattern · 18/03/2010 23:27

A lot
We used thesashwindowworkshop

They did a fab job (clean, tidy, on time, polite, non pushy sales guy) and the place looks a million times better. And it is warmer as the sashes are double glazed. But I have to say that it was phenomenally expensive.

treacletart · 18/03/2010 23:36

Thanks for the recommendation. Unsurprisingly no prices on their ste though. Are you able to give me a ball park figure domesticslattern? Haven't even bought the house yet, so I don't want to start getting official quotes - I'm just trying to work out how much the work we'd want to do on it would be likely to cost us.

OP posts:
Rolf · 18/03/2010 23:45

We've used these people twice and they are excellent. I can't actually remember exactly what we paid (blanked it out, it was so expensive!), but the price varies depending on how much of the original structure was left in place when the sash windows were ripped out.

I'd phone them up with v rough dimensions of the windows, or even the estate agents particulars, and get a ballpark figure that way.

The first time we had it done, it was just a question of them removing the aluminium windows and slotting in the new sash windows. Very easy and not much mess.

The second time, the sash boxes had been removed so we needed new boxes built, which increased the price and also meant that the plasterwork in each room was damaged. So there are quite wide variations in how messy and expensive the job is.

treacletart · 18/03/2010 23:57

Thanks again they look good. Can nobody remember even to the nearest £K how much they cost? I'm really only after a very rough idea....

OP posts:
Tinasan · 19/03/2010 08:58

we just replaced 11 windows, and also casement windows and french dooors. Quotes were rom £11k - £18k. You can imagine that we went for the "cheaper" end of those

treacletart · 19/03/2010 09:20

Cheers Tina!

OP posts:
MortaIWombat · 19/03/2010 09:30

I had two windows replaced (not the frames, just the sliding bits) in a front bedroom of a small Victorian terrace, about 5 years ago. They were a shade over 1K each. But they did do a lovely job. It still hurts, though.

broardband · 20/04/2011 15:36

had ali window taken out of ex frame , new sliding bits fitted £860 very pleased, we used

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