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Moving to Amersham/Chalfont/Chenies way.....

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divamunchkin · 16/03/2010 08:53

We are looking to move Bucks way as husband has a new job, but it is an area we know nothing about. Am feeling really unsure about the move as have one toddler DS and another on the way and am just worried about doing the whole meeting new people again. Can anyone help with info about which village/town is best for schools/things to do with babies/kids groups etc

OP posts:
jeanjeannie · 16/03/2010 11:02

The places you're looking at are lovely - I know fab mums in the Chalfonts / Amersham /Chesham and Gerrard's Cross way. There seems to be plenty in the way of toddler groups etc. I'm further into Bucks (in a big town) and I don't seem any better off for facilities or friends etc!

Persoanlly I like Amersham - it's a good commuter town - nice schools and isn't too villagey, personally I think that's a good compromise! I prefer it to Beaconsfield - which is a lifestyle you really have to 'buy into' ! It's much more relaxed where you're looking to go to. It'll be fine I'm very !

weblette · 16/03/2010 11:13

We moved to one of the Chalfonts seven years ago and love it here.

All have lots of baby groups/activities/playparks etc. Very very family friendly.

Chenies is v small, St Giles good size but still with village feel, St Peter bigger, busier and more varied. Amersham you've the old town, very nice, most facilities are in the new town on the hill where the station is. Little Chalfont feels more like an Amersham suburb.

Plenty of choice with schools, state and private.

In terms of property prices you'll get more for your money in Chalfont St Peter and Amersham than St Giles or Chenies. More and more people relocating here seem to rent first then move.

Anything more specific, CAT me

ouchitreallyhurts · 17/03/2010 17:49

I grew up there many happy memories. lived in st giles for many years and then moved to amersham when I bought my first house (pre-hubby and kids!)
lovely area, great schools lots of shops without having to travel too far.
good luck!

divamunchkin · 17/03/2010 18:35

Thanks everyone,that is all really helpful and positive.

Weblette will defo be in touch when i have more specific ?s. Thank you.

OP posts:
Speckledeggy · 19/03/2010 20:12

Ooh not a million miles away from me!

What's your budget? The Chilterns is expensive. I prefer Beaconsfield to Amersham but that is way out of our league!!!

Where's DH's job and what's on your wishlist (i.e. village, town, close to station, etc.). Will see what I can recommend then.

ronx · 20/03/2010 13:47

Would any of you recommend moving to Rickmansworth? What are the state schools like there? I don't know much about the area except that it's on the Metropolitan/Chiltern Rail lines, which would suit DH and myself!

taffetacat · 20/03/2010 17:24

I lived in Ricky for a few years pre DH. Loved it. Some great Victorian houses, friendly locals, good pub and restaurant scene and know of some good secondaries there eg Clement Danes ( don't know about primaries, but would be surprised if they weren't good.)

Great road links - M4/M25 and on tube/train. Shopping good in Watford nearby. When I was in Ricky about 8 years ago, there was an M and S foodstore and a Tesco, as well as Boots and some smaller shops.

Aquadrome/Great Union Canal bike rides and lovely countryside nearby.

Rach08 · 13/04/2010 11:11

Hi, we are currently looking at houses in Gerrards Cross, hoping to move asap. Does anyone have any advice re: kids activities, meet-ups etc for this area? I have a little boy who is 11 months. Any info would be really helpful x

Butterbur · 26/04/2010 13:23

Buckinghamshire has 11+ and grammar schools, which may affect which side of the Buckinghamshire border you want to be. All children sit the 11+.

There are not very many fee paying secondary schools, nearest are Berkhamstead and Maidenhead (I think).

Also if you are in the catchment area for Dr Challoners High School (girls) or Dr Challoner Grammar School (boys)you should know that they have not been able to offer places to all children in catchment in all years. This means that some children in Gerrards Cross on one side and Great Missenden/ Prestwood/The Lees on the other have not got places.

Holmer Green secondary school has also had similar problems.

spottedandstriped · 26/04/2010 20:23

Rach08 St James's Tiny tots on Tuesday and Wednesday at 10am is v v good.

northoneangel · 01/10/2010 09:23

Hello Rickmansworth & Bucks Mum's!

I'm posting in this in the hope of some advice and the inside track into family life in these areas... please! I have a DS (2.5yrs) and another boy on the way - due in Feb. We're selling up in Islington and moving to the suburbs for a sense of community, more green space, bigger garden, better schools etc etc. Excited about the lifestyle change, but nervous too!
Does anyone live in Loudwater? (just outside Ricksmansworth) We've viewed a lovely house there, but I'm unsure whether there are many other young families (and a social life)in the area. We're also interested in Amersham, Beaconsfield, Berkhamsted too. Sorry for such a long posting - soooo many questions!!! Confused

Tiredmum2 · 06/04/2011 21:36

Hi Northonangel,
I'm sure you've had a million messages like this, but how did it work out?
I'm facing the exact same question right now and am going a bit mad. We are looking at Beaconsfield/Amersham and Rickmansworth/Berkhamsted. I have two DD's - 3 and 1 - and am facing the reality of the schools near us not being very good at all and simply the desire to move to somewhere a bit less urban. Any advice you may have would be great.

Moving123 · 03/04/2017 17:53

Hello i wonder if anyone can help me. We are currently looking to move out of North West London, Kensal Rise, as we are thinking about secondary schools and are looking for more green open spaces and larger garden. We are thinking about Berkhampsted, Northwood and Amersham and I notice some other people have made the same move a while ago and just wondered if anyone can give me any advice on schooling, in particular. I have a 5 year old boy and am open to state school or private. Thanks so much.

bojorojo · 04/04/2017 00:48

It is unlikely there will be a school place for a 5 year old in Amersham as the YR places are already allocated and Y1s tend to be full. Bucks CC School Admissions maintains data on schools with places. They may not be where you want to live or the school you want. Can't speak for other areas but there is a lot of pressure on good schools around Amersham and some schools are hugely popular.

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