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anyone live in Blackheath/Greenwich and can advise returning expat?

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Gemzooks · 15/03/2010 11:56

sorry, didn't really know where to post this

We might be moving back to the UK from abroad for my husband's job within the next few months..

Thinking of buying a house in Blackheath or possibly Greenwich if not too expensive. We have a 3.5 year old and 1 year old.

We saw some nice places in Blackheath but they were on the Cator Estate which was nice in itself but near the very run down Ferrier estate which is going to be demolished etc. I read some scary stuff on the internet about the Ferrier estate and now am worried about living anywhere near it...

I would be grateful for any tips about the area. Our priorities are:

  • near good primary schools
  • reasonably close to transport links into London
  • a safe area, preferably near shops etc.

any advice much appreciated!
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redllamayellowllama · 15/03/2010 13:46

The Cator estate is lovely and the Ferrier is really not that bad. I went to Thomas Tallis school which was originally built to serve the Ferrier and is an absolutely fantastic secondary with an excellent reputation.

Greenwich is equally lovely. Have a look in the Westcombe Park area and the East Greenwich area - both very close to Greenwich Park and good local amenities. Halstow Primary is fantastic, but you have to live virtually on top of it to get in.

Another spot to look in, which is a little outside of Blackheath is Hither Green, particularly the area near Manor House Gardens. It is served by excellent primary schools (Brindishe being one of them) and has a lovely feel to it - lots of young families.

All of the areas I've mentioned are well served by trains - Westcombe Park and Maze Hill for Greenwich, Hither Green for Hither Green (no, really..!).

Any questions, please ask. I've lived here forever!

Gemzooks · 15/03/2010 18:05

thanks! I will definitely be picking your brains! Will check out Hither Green...

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