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Interior Doors

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WetAugust · 07/03/2010 00:54

I need 4 bedroom doors replacing. Does anyone know roughly how much a carpenter would charge to do this?

Also, do I go for wood door which I shall need to paint or the ready-painted sort from B & Q type stores? Can't see how that would work as they would need to be cut down to fit the frame.

Thank you

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MrsL123 · 07/03/2010 09:58

I wouldn't pay for the ready painted ones unless they're the right size - the hinge edge is always left unfinished to be planed down, but we used ready painted ones in our last house and they chipped along the edge, so needed touching up anyway (and you may need more than one side planed down). It's also very difficult to match white paints, so your door could end up being a different colour to the frame and skirting. Saying that, I wouldn't go for the unfinished ones either, as it takes ages to apply the knotting solution and prime them. So I would go for the middle ground and get the ready-primed ones.

Fitting wise, we usually pay about £40/£50 a door (more than the doors cost!) but you can probably find a handyman who will do it for less.

WetAugust · 07/03/2010 16:30

Thank you. I think I'll avoid the ready painted and just go for the ready primed.

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