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moving house

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Amz81 · 02/03/2010 13:27

hi, im Amy, i am wanting to move to york but dont want to be in the city, just in a nice village on the outside. i dont no york very well and wondered if anyone could give me any ideas on where to look. i want a nice family village as i have an 8 yr old daughter. any ideas?

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hmmSleep · 03/03/2010 09:13

Bishopthorpe is nice, and very easy to get to the centre of York from.

Amz81 · 03/03/2010 11:51

ah thankyou, im looking around leeds too now and found a few nice areas there aswell. there is so little to do here and i want my daughter to grow up with better oppertunities than i had.

OP posts:
hmmSleep · 03/03/2010 16:23

We moved down to the area last year, and had a real look around, York, Leeds, Ilkley, we finally settled in Harrogate. Hope you find what you're looking for

Fizzylemonade · 03/03/2010 16:26

I live in Leeds, but South Leeds, are you going to work in York? If you are the commute from Leeds would be a bit awful and long in rush hour.

There is "Mumsnet Local" -scroll down the Talk topics and go into the Mumsnet stuff and you can choose your local one, mine is already set to Leeds so I can't look at anyone elses and I'm not incredibly computer literate

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