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LANDOWNERS - Do you know about wind turbines?

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LemonDifficult · 23/02/2010 21:09

We've got a very loveless moor and today someone visited from a renewables electricity company. They suggested that it might take 4 wind turbines (2.3MW) and all being well and planning fine etc that they'd pay us a ground rent of £38K per annum for this. Obviously, we're delighted with this but they were clearly so desperate for us to sign up that I am now feeling a bit weird about it and wondering if I should do some research into exactly how much money these things generate and whether I should bargain harder. Does anyone have any experience?


OP posts:
101damnations · 23/02/2010 21:20

A family member has a test mast on his land to see if it is suitable for turbines.I don't know the finances of it,but he did say that it is a big swizz really,they don't generate much power and once the government stops subsidising the power,it will get more expensive.

Ar you a member of the CLA? I bet they would have some advice.

btw,it isn't Scottish Power is it? They are responsible for 2 test sites near us.I think they are trying to cash in before the whole thing stops being pushed as the greenest option.I wouldn't accept their first offer regardless.If they are that keen,they'll be happy to offer more to secure the site.

frostyfingers · 25/02/2010 11:24

Be very may become a pariah if you go ahead so be prepared for people not talking to you!

WorkInProgress · 26/02/2010 18:17

There are surveyors firm who will put a value on the land for wind farms. Ask the power company to pay your costs of getting an independant survey.

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