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Anyone live in or near Shrewsbury?

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chelseamorning · 23/02/2010 11:15

My DP is having a second interview for a job. If he gets it, it will mean moving from South Bucks to the Shrewsbury area.

Although we've passed through the town, we don't know the area at all. If he gets the job, w'll have to sort out pre-school etc for our 3.4yr old DS.

So, if you live in that area, can you please give me an overview of what it's like? What the schools are like? What are the pros and cons?

Many thanks!

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chelseamorning · 24/02/2010 09:13


Or Shropshire?!

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MomBombadil · 24/02/2010 09:15

I do i live just outside Shrewsbury - it's beautiful here. I have to go out now but am bookmarking so i can get back to you later.

BessieBoots · 24/02/2010 09:32

We are 2 hours away but it is our town when we want to shop for anything other than food, so we go wuite often.
It's lovely, especially the big park in town- my DCs love that.

ajandjjmum · 24/02/2010 09:45

It's a lovely area, and thanks to the M54, pretty accessible.

evremummy · 24/02/2010 10:25

Love Shrewsbury! I live a few miles away in another town but much prefer Shrewsbury. If you search for Grapevine Shrewsbury there is a magazine available online that tells you about some of the things available for children in the area, including some pre-schools if I remember correctly. I'm not affiliated to this in anyway, it's just something I have found useful. Hope that helps & your husband is successful with his job interview!

MomBombadil · 24/02/2010 17:49

I'm back. Yes it is a lovely area and the town is very nice - medieval, arty etc. The park is nice too or the surrounding villages are more rural if that's what you are into. The nearer to Wales (Oswestry area) you go the cheaper the houses. It is a very rural county i think it has one of the lowest populations for it's size and no cities. I would imagine most of the primaries are like the one in our village - quite small. Unless you get into Telford area.

Was there anything specific you wanter to know?

MomBombadil · 24/02/2010 17:50


queenoftheslatterns · 24/02/2010 17:53

I live in Telford and used to live in Shrewsbury, its a lovely town, i really like it. the schools are good, its very easy to walk around (easier than driving) and the town centre is good.

if you do come over this way I will be more than happy to meet for a coffee/show you around etc.

PurpleKate · 24/02/2010 18:56

I live in Shrewsbury and have done for 30 plus years, since I was 12.

I have chosen to stay here because it is in my opinion a very good place to live and bring up children.

Shrewsbury is the County town, medieval, in the loop of the River Severn. Telford is 15 miles away (approx. 30 minutes) by car and has a modern shopping centre, surrounded by what were once separate villages, all of which now form Telford.

I much prefer to live in Shrewsbury, but houses are genrally cheaper in Telford. I spent 20 years commuting to Telford for work. So prefectly possible to do the reverse.

If you have any specific questions feel free to ask

MomBombadil · 24/02/2010 19:25

Yes we live outside Shrewsbury and Dh commutes to work in Telford.

SixtyFootDoll · 24/02/2010 19:40

I used to live in Telford and worked in Shrewsbury.I thought Shrews town was pretty but not a great choice of shops and the traffic busy.
Telford - houses much cheaper, and eveything on your doorstep, lots of great cycle paths!
I think most of the schools were pretty good.

MomBombadil · 24/02/2010 19:43

But Telford has one of the highest rates of both teenage pregnancy and illiteracy in England. Completely juxtaposed with the rest of Shropshire inc. Shrewsbury, which does very well on those counts and education in general.

I lived in Telford for four years (DS1 born there) and the area i lived in was a bit rough - it's even worse now by all accounts.

Flightattendant · 24/02/2010 19:46

It's lovely...countryside is amazing. Damp, rainy and misty and lots of hills

Have heard Telford is a bit dodgy, but shrewsbury and villages very nice.

MomBombadil · 24/02/2010 20:37

Yes don't let my ramblings put you off - Shrewsbury and villages are lovely. And we do tend to get the Welsh weather rather than 'midlands' weather. Anyone else noticed that?

SixtyFootDoll · 24/02/2010 20:59

Compared to where I live nowTelford is much safer

chelseamorning · 25/02/2010 17:43

Oh, thanks, ladies!

My DP and I have lived in a lot of places, both independently and since getting together. If he does get the job, then we want it to be right for our DS and the family as a whole.

We love the outdoors, we're sociable , love culture and arty things - so, from what you've said, Shropshire and Shrewsbury could be a good move. I'm just a bit nervous about us all moving to an unknown area.

Our home is currently within commuting distance to London, is in a professional middle-class area, with lots to do. It's also in the beautiful Chilterns.

OP posts:
Chloejames · 06/08/2011 19:50


I did a search on Shrewsbury and your message came up. I know you posted a while ago but was wondering if you might be able to help.... Our autistic son has just gone to a residential specialist school near Shrewsbury. We're in Norfolk but the commute to visit him is proving too much so we're planning a move with our two other children (one Year 2 age, one Year 6). Could you give me a rough idea of best primary/secondary schools and nicest/reasonably priced areas to live. Would really appreciate any advice as we are completely NEW to the area. Many thanks.

bullet234 · 06/08/2011 19:53

I live in Shrewsbury. Belle Vue, Radbrook, Sutton Farm, Coleham are some good areas.
St Giles is meant to be a good primary school. No idea about the others as my lads don't go to a mainstream school.

Noddy1984 · 26/10/2016 22:07

HI I know this is an old post but me, husband and 2 children under 2 are looking at moving to Shrewsbury in the next couple of years we have been a couple of times but would like to know which areas to avoid which areas are good? Which schools to look at in good areas ? Thanks xSmile

SaraLouiseJ · 19/01/2017 13:44

I know this is an old thread but found it whilst searching for something similar, we're also looking to move from south Bucks to Shrewsbury with little ones and was wondering if anyone had any views on the best places, places to avoid etc? Thanks :-)

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