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Hips - not those attached to your legs! Tell me about...

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yogabird · 22/02/2010 19:18

Hips - I have had 3 estate agents round each of whom said, 'oh you can get a Hip off the internet, it's cheaper but it won't be as good as one done locally' What do you think? Does anyone know whether this is true? Can anyone recommend a good Hip provider? Or do I just go with the Estate agents cos it's easier.

Which of the estate agents to choose is the next dilemma - any suggestions?

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yogabird · 22/02/2010 20:50


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orienteerer · 22/02/2010 21:07

To be honest as far as I know no one reads the Hip once it's prepared! We moved last year and in my experience the Hip was a complete waste of time. Not sure why one booked via the internet should be any different than using the Estate Agent one, I did read somewhere that some Estate Agents get a small introduction fee from their "local' Hip provider.

evremummy · 24/02/2010 11:36

I'm about to put my house on the market & was wondering about them too. I looked on a site called My Hip Home, which offers HIPs. It shows you a sample one and it really does look like a waste of paper but obviously a necessity!

It would be interesting to know if anybody who has used an internet company to get their Hip has had any problems with them.

What are the estate agents charging for one yogabird?

Hope this bumps it for you as it will help me too !

Adair · 24/02/2010 11:43

nope, go for cheapest hips2u or whatever. I didn't and bought the estate agent recommended one but the solicitors mainly do their own searches anyway. There is a thread on I think,

minipie · 24/02/2010 11:59

A HIP is a HIP is a HIP - doesn't matter where you get it from, only difference is the speed at which they get done. Estate Agents usually charge more.

I used Hips4u, was cheap and quick (though I paid an extra £20 for the express service so no idea how long the normal would have taken).

yogabird · 24/02/2010 20:06

HIPs prices quoted to me were:
£299 plus VAT

the three estate agents then went on to value the house £75 000 differently to each other. How to know who to choose or what is best to do?

off to check moneysaving expert - thanks all

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rosiebt · 24/02/2010 21:35

We were recomended or (can't remember which) by an estate agent friend.
They were considerably cheaper than the company our estate agents recomended.

They were good too- all done over internet and one phone call!

sugartits · 24/02/2010 22:23

Don't do to a HIP company at all, ask your solicitor to do it for you. Most solicitors will only charge their costs if they are doing the conveyancing. It's less expensive and done properly.

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