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What do you love the most about your family home (and what would you change if you could)?

39 replies

Strawberrycornetto · 22/02/2010 18:44

I am stressing about our move. We are moving to a large village, but I am unsure about the house. I am interested to know what you think is your favourite thing about your home.

And, if you could change one thing about your home, what would it be?

OP posts:
displayuntilbestbefore · 22/02/2010 18:48

I love my home because it's an easy house to live in as a family of 5. It's got space for everything and the rooms are multifunctional.

If I could change anything I'd like to get rid of the street sign that's planted at the edge of the front garden because I'd like to plant a hedge along there!

MrsJohnDeere · 22/02/2010 18:50

Love most: views of fields and surrounding hills
Change: toss up between separate/more rooms downstairs instead of open plan sitting-dining room and parking (narrow country road so next to no on street parking - we have room for our cars but it gets tricky when visitors come)

expatinscotland · 22/02/2010 18:52

It's better than the street and if you only look out the windows and not down it actually looks tolerable.

AllQuietOnThePippisFront · 22/02/2010 18:54

I'd add a utility room.
I'd change the neighbours or make their houses disappear so that from a terrace we'd have a detached.

nickytwotimes · 22/02/2010 18:54

Favourite thing - it is detached.

Least fav thing - it is tiny.

But hey, you can't have it all.

oldenglishspangles · 22/02/2010 19:04

its got space in an around, hopefully for in the future 3 waring teenagers and 2 stressed out parents to regroup.

If I could afford to change one thing it would be being able to install and an run an indoor swimming pool / gym and games room.

Strawberrycornetto · 22/02/2010 19:22

MrsJohnDeere you really hit on two of my issues.

One house we looked at has beautiful amazing views etc but we ruled it out because its not as big and not central to the village. I can't get it out of my head but am wondering whether views are important when you actually live in a house.

The house we are currently proceeding on has no parking. I am trying to decide if it is a negative we can live with or whether it will drive me insane. Its in a village so you can stop opposite but not park there. Parking is in a free carpark behind the main street. I think I will be less dependent on a car than now because we will be walking distance to school, station, park, pub and village shops but I will still drive to see family and friends.

OP posts:
Piffpaffpoff · 22/02/2010 19:30

I love my view. We are on top of a hill and on a clear day can see some mountains that are about 40 miles away. I also love that all the bedrooms are of an equal size (not 2 reasonable, 1 small and one "cupboard" as you find in some 4 beds) and all have cupboards in them - pretty impressive for a new build.

I don't like the layout of the kitchen units or the fact that the back garden slopes away from the house quite dramatically (but then, that's what helps with the view...).

OP, on the parking issue, friends of mine live in a house with no parking, but a free car park at the front of their property. They are reasonable normal people, but are now TOTALLY obsessive about said car park, who parks there, who is parking in 'their' space etc etc. As a result, I would now never consider a house with no parking, regardless of what was available nearby. Sorry!

Starbear · 22/02/2010 19:35

I love the location, I love our garden big for a tiny house. I love our neighbourhood & neighbours & close friends nearby
I don't like the back bedroom that you have to walk threw the main bedroom to. I don't like how cold the bathroom is. I don't like how cold the front room floor. I don't like the way our washing machine/ dryer is in such an cramped space. I can't look over the garden while washing up or having breafast. I don't like not having an upstairs hallway. This is may all be about to change as we are waiting for planning permission.

bibbitybobbityhat · 22/02/2010 19:39

I love where it is.

I'd have a kitchen extension into the side return and add a downstairs loo and utility room and patio doors into the garden.

Strawberrycornetto · 22/02/2010 19:44

PPP, thanks. I am waiting to discuss this with DH so I am interested to hear this kind of opinion.

It came home to me yesterday. DH was away and I was out with the children. Got home with DS asleep in the car and realised what a nightmare it would be to not be able to park outside the house and have to manage getting two children home and the bags. DH doesn't see the issue but its me who is on my own with the children half of the time, so I suspect it would be more of a problem for me than him.

OP posts:
youcantlabelme · 22/02/2010 19:46

I love the size of our house-esp the kitchen which is our 'main room' with a huge table that friends can sit round and drink endless cups of tea/coffee/wine-esp wine

Also have a spare room for visiting friends/family and also if have had row with DP, he or I can sleep there rather than on sofa

What I hate is that is it is not in the best location (quite near to notorious chavsville). Admittedly knew that when bought it and there is a huge park/common in between us, but still..

If only I could dismantle my house and move it three or four miles up the road!

101damnations · 22/02/2010 19:47

I love the location,but don't like the size of the house.If we could afford it,I'd have an extension with a downstairs shower room and extend the kitchen into where our crappy car port is.

I have to admit that off road parking was one of the reasons we left our old house.If you didn't get home by 4pm,you would struggle to park anywhere.It got to the stage where,if a car moved from outside the house,the neighbours and I would rush out to move our cars into the space left.We have a 60ft drive now,thank goodness.

frogetyfrog · 22/02/2010 19:47

I love the views from the house and open the curtains every morning and appreciate them. I would make all the (very close) neighbouring houses disappear, and the main transport line too.

onlyjoinedforoffers · 22/02/2010 19:54

we are surrounded by trees and although they can be a pain at times blocking out the sun etc i love the reflection of them on my glass dining table.... mesmerising

Merrylegs · 22/02/2010 20:02

strawberry - no parking near your house is quite a specific issue. How far away is the parking? Will you always be able to get a space in the carpark? What about when friends come to visit? Will there be enough room for them? Who owns the carpark? Will you always be able to park there?

I would also think about when you came to re-sell - (if you ever wanted too!) People are very precious about parking!

Strawberrycornetto · 22/02/2010 20:24

Merrylegs, I am worried about reselling. While we don't necessarily plan to move again, we don't have a track record of staying put so I cannot see we will live there forever and I think it would be a massive issue on resale. Our current house has a much smaller issue with location and I have worried about it constantly during the same process as viewer after viewer has relied on that as the reason for not putting in an offer.

I'm in a bit of a pickle I think - the more I think on it the more I think its too much of an issue, but the house is lovely and DH has fallen in love with it. Your practical questions about the parking situation are good ones, I don't know the answer and neither does DH which suggests he's been sucked in by the house and not thought through the practicalites.

OP posts:
Mins · 22/02/2010 20:26

We moved 6 months ago to a house that I was always unsure about and still am! Having said that there was nothing else available in the area we wanted to move to. I have good days and bad days - the house does have some nice features - lovely big French doors and windows either side, nice stained glass in front door - although this is broken! Things I hate are no storage, how it looks from the outside and the fact that although it's a semi and looks bigger from outside it's actually quite a lot smaller than the terraced house we loved and left!

DorisIsAPinkDragon · 22/02/2010 20:28

I love our views and pleanty of storage

dislike- onroad parking (never know if you've got a space to come back to if timed wrong)

not having 2 toilets

Hassled · 22/02/2010 20:32

I love its wackiness - it's a 1930s semi, but a very strange layout with odd stairways. It has character.

Dislikes - the neighbour (very old and we're becoming increasingly involved in the day to day stuff, which would be fine if she wasn't a total witch) and the busy road we're on. And I wish it was older - I'd be happiest in a very old house.

taffetacat · 22/02/2010 20:38

We've just had a big refurb so if I disliked anything about it I'd be a bit silly.

We live in a village - not centrally about a 25 minute walk to school. We have lovely views that lift my heart every day.

Whilst we had the refurb done, we rented in the next village for 7 months, in the centre of the village with crap on road parking. Having moved from London a few years ago, I always wondered how I would cope with a village, and have been really pleasantly surprised. Until we moved to the rented accom. No privacy. " I saw you leave the house at 10am, where were you off to then?" etc. The parking thing annoyed me a bit after a couple of months, but after 6 was ready to scratch people's cars.

Bliss to be back. As we are away from it a bit, people don't really come up our road much so you get the village pros without the being on display bit. depends whats important to you, but from your choices I would go with the other one and see if there's an option to extend it.

HarrietHarpy · 22/02/2010 20:59

Like: location, big entrance hall, two separate reception rooms, big eat-in kitchen, toilets on both floors, french doors out to garden.

Dislike: Downstairs loo tiny; no utility room; wish our fourth bedroom was bigger than a cupboard (!); wish we could afford to lay lovely new wooden floors - have original floorboards sanded but they aren't in great nick

mellymooks · 22/02/2010 21:12

The fact that my family are in it

MarthaFarquhar · 22/02/2010 21:17

best - very pretty from street, lovely big dining room and sitting room, nice picture rails, cornicing, sash windows.

worst - tiny galley kitchen, north facing slightly concretey garden, rubbishy views especially from the back, nothing works quite in the way it should

it's far less practical than our last two homes. But I like it the best.

janeite · 22/02/2010 21:20

Like - when we moved here the two things I insisted on were a hallway and a decent sized kitchen, as we were coming from a terrace where the front door opened straight to the lounge and the kitchen was tiny - so I love my kitchen/diner and the fact that we have a (albeit tiny) hallway;

Like - the 2nd living room, which we have chosen to have as computer/slob room rather than a dining room;

Like - original features such as the house name and some carvings in the hallway;

Like - the neighbours;

Like - lovely high ceilings.

Dislike - busy road - it's fine when we're inside but I hate having to cross the damn thing;

The third bedroom (dd2's) is very small;

Because it is Victorian it tends to =wards draughts and dust.

If I could change one thing, I would move the house a few hundred yards around the corner and if I could change two things I would move it plus add a fourth bedroom.

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