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help - moving this week. What to do??

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belindarose · 22/02/2010 14:00

I think, after many months of waiting, we are actually completing on our house sale and purchase this Friday. Haven't done 'proper' moving before (i.e. with removals people) and am very worried about how it will all actually happen! Does anyone have any useful tips? I have a teething, sleepless 6 month old baby and a cat. DH is working in the new job (150 mile journey) and cannot have any time off this week! Removals company are doing the packing (although are threatening to give our booking to someone else as we haven't exchanged yet - solicitor 'thinks' it'll be okay to move Friday). What do I need to do with regards to bills/ utilities etc? I know I sound a bit dim - am not usually!
Any tips on how to make this bearable will be gratefully received.

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droitwichmummy · 22/02/2010 14:08

Hi belindarose! First things I would sort are cat and DC.
If you are able to I would put cat in cattery for a couple of days - that way you don't have to a) hunt it down to get into the car to take to new house or b) worry about it getting out of the new house while you are getting straight - you ought to keep it in for a while after you move anyway (experts usually recommend 2 weeks; think I managed about 4 days )
Is anyone able to have the baby for the day? Takes the pressure off you a lot. My DS was at nursery so I sent him there for the day as normal.
Next I suggest 1 good mate to help. Mine made sure I was fed, gave removal people tea as required and organised my kitchen while I told the removal men where I wanted stuff to go.
Don't under ANY circumstances let them pack the kettle, coffee, tea, sugar and 1 teaspoon. You are going to need them before you can find them otherwise
Paper cups and plates for the day are a good idea together with a bottle of wine and the number of a pizza/chinese/indian that delivers

Good luck!

PS Removal people always threaten to pull out at the last minute. I actually DID lose mine but found another firm who could do the day I wanted at short notice. Get some numbers on standby!

belindarose · 22/02/2010 15:28

Thanks - good advice about the kettle! All my friends here either have their own young babies or are at work, but it looks like MIL is going to be able to come and help. She can look after the baby and just bring her to me for feeding. I can't put cat in a cattery because of the distance between the two houses, but a neighbour has said she'll keep her in her house on the day the removal men come.
Trying not to panic!

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