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Help with colour scheme please

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momofha · 21/02/2010 11:24

Hi there,

We are busy "trying" to redecorate and we have a bathroom done in a blue and white checkerboard on the floors and on the walls right to the ceiling! Now I am trying to find a colour that will go well with the blue and white so that I can add mirrors, accessories, etc. I was thinking chocolate or maybe light green, anyone else have any colour thoughts? Here is a pic of the checkerboard on the wall and floors.


Thanks so much for your help as I am stuck!

OP posts:
momofha · 21/02/2010 11:26


Sorry, hope this link works now.

OP posts:
momofha · 21/02/2010 11:27

No, not working either, sorry. Perhaps you could just cut and paste this in to your browser as that seems to be working. Not very technical as you can see!

OP posts:
meep · 21/02/2010 11:33

here you go

tbh I would just go with crisp white - always looks good in a bathroom.

Or you could go cupcake retro and use pale pink??

brimfull · 21/02/2010 11:34

Silver / grey ??
nice big silver mirror

brimfull · 21/02/2010 11:36

White would look nice, quite an ornate white mirror to add texture too the smooth tiles

Fluffy white bathmat

Pannacotta · 21/02/2010 13:34

White or just off white which is softer/more forgiving.
Anything else could get a bit confusing, the tiles are quite a strong feature.
Chrome/silver accessories.

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