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P**d off with Wickes. A vent.

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ampere · 19/02/2010 16:50

Ordered some stuff, bit irritated that it would take over 3 weeks to deliver, but you get that. BUT checking the order with a fine tooth comb once the paperwork had arrived via the post and the delivery date was lined up, we found they'd made a glaring error (which would have been a bit of a disaster on install day!) SO we called, amended the order, and waited whilst the new details duly arrived. Then got the Delivery people's letter with a reference, all as before. So I called to check the new order would come on the planned day- but no! Wickes had cancelled all of the original order, reordered (correct stuff this time) but now I have to wait another week which screws all the tradesmen.

OK, one could say I should have checked the order in the shop but I have no idea what half the terms mean in a plumbing shop AND a 'consultant' was inputting the order... as we stood in front of said items and pointed!

Not impressed. Especially by the bloke at the delivery firm's attitude which was pretty much 'tough'.

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thehillsarealive · 19/02/2010 23:13

hmmf i had a terrible experience with Wickes and our bathroom. And it wasnt cheap either! This was 2.5yrs ago

In the end i ended up getting compensation. I complained and complained and spoke to their head CS person - called Ed Onions. No idea if he is still 'the man'

And even now - my bath panel is a different colour of white than the rest of my bathroom. Grrrrr - might contact them again. Everytime I go in there that pisses me off again.

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